School Council

This year the School Council and Eco Council have joined forces to help our school (and world) be a better place for everyone!

 Summer 2017

Thank you to our dedicated School Council who have worked tirelessly this year.  Through their fundraising efforts they have raised well over £1000 for the school and different charities.  They celebrated the end of the year with a tea party!

                             School Council tea party!




Our aims are:

  • To promote  positive attitudes to healthy eating and living throughout the school.
  • To ensure that pupils develop a positive attitude towards eating nutritious food.
  • To help children understand how to make healthy food choices.
  • To help children realise the importance of keeping active.

Can you help?

Do you have any recipes for healthy snacks?

If you would like to share recipes or any other thoughts or ideas on the subject of healthy eating or keeping active please pop a message into the School Council box in the corridor. 


We do it best when we do it together!